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A note from Pastor Unke
What if life starts to get serious?
 “Wake up, sleeper,  rise from the dead,  and Christ will shine on you.”
15 Be very careful, then, how you live—not as unwise but as wise, 16 making the most of every opportunity, because the days are evil.
Ephesians 5:14-15
This could get serious!
Could the situation get much worse?  Paul’s life was in danger—again.  He was in prison in Rome.  He was writing to Christians whose lives could be in danger from persecution at any moment.  Society rejected their definition of morality and hated their God.  Although Paul would not be killed during this imprisonment, he would be executed for his Christian faith only five years after writing this letter.  Many other Christians would die too.  How much more serious could it get?  What would it take for Christian people to start thinking seriously about life, death, faith, and heaven?  When would they apply themselves to God’s Wisdom, be guided by the Spirit, and look for opportunities to grow in faith and to share their faith—while there still was time?
The letter to the Ephesians continues with a clear description of the times.  The world was acting on its own wisdom—which is in fact foolishness.  The world is evil.  The world opposes God’s people.  The world looks to escape its trouble through gluttonous gorging and self-indulgence.  For God’s people, guided by God’s wisdom, that is exactly the wrong direction to go!  Caught up in spiritual warfare with the sinful world around them, God’s people were challenged by the Apostle to imitate God and live a life worthy of the calling they had received—to be children of God.  They would need to put on their spiritual armor and go to battle, wielding the sword of the Spirit, which is the Word of God.  Times were serious—and it was time for God’s people to “wake up.”
This could get serious.  It is an understatement to say that the world is quickly changing.  Each new day brings news of greater depths of terror, immorality, division, and anti-Christian attacks.  This could get serious!  What will it take for God’s people to “wake up?”

If it gets serious…do you think God’s people will be ready? 
If it gets serious…will Christians still DVR shows that glorify sinful sex and abhorrent lifestyles?
If it gets serious…will Christians still idolize Hollywood heroes who defy God’s truth in real life?
If it gets serious…will sports and leisure still be the first priority for Christian men?
If it gets serious…will Christians still complain about their luxurious life circumstances?
If it gets serious…will Christians still waste hours chatting on social media?
If it gets serious…will Christians still fill their schedules so full with childrens’ activities and recreation that there’s no time left for devotions and worship?
If it gets serious…will Christians still divide over political lines with such passion that it jeopardizes their unity in Christ?
If it gets serious…will half of our church membership still find something better to do on Sunday mornings?
If it gets serious…will Christians still find reasons not to talk to people about their Savior and King?
If it gets serious…will pastors still have to plead with Christians to “just try coming” to Bible Study (as if trying to force some awful medicine down their throats)?
If it gets serious…will Christians still think that “their” money is still best spent on themselves?
If it gets serious…will parents still think that their kids can learn about their Savior on their own?

Christians, this IS getting serious.  Do you and your family need to seriously consider God’s call to “wake up” to living your Christian faith with passionate purpose?  I know that I do.  Pastors can be lulled to sleep too.  However, now is the time to wake up and grow in God’s Wisdom.  Let’s cherish the peace of forgiveness in Jesus, wake up to the wisdom of God’s Word, put on the full armor of God, take up the sword of the Spirit, and make the most of the opportunities for God’s purposes TODAY…because the days are evil—and it’s getting serious!

In Jesus, Pastor Unke 
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