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St. Paul's Growing Forward Capital Campaign

Welcome! Thank you for visiting this site and investigating the tremendous project and ministry opportunity to serve God, upcoming generations, and this community! If you have any questions, please reach out. We'd be happy to help in any way! 

God's blessings to you!


Early childhood classrooms; Entry; Play Area

A Project for the Generations to Come!

The project addresses the need for early childhood classrooms. 

There would be rooms for 3k, 4k, and K! 

There would be an indoor play area specifically geared for small children, ages 1-6! 

There would be a central large entryway serving as the hub for the school! Parents could meet together, enjoy coffee, watch their kids play...attend a class or workshop!

Please see the project workbook for details.

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Recent Campaign Updates

Capital Campaign Initial Result

Capital Campaign Initial Result

Mar 8th, 2021 | Pastor Mueller


After two months of cottage meetings, sermon series, Bible studies, and more, God's people have responded...

Campaign Update with Corey Schroeder

Campaign Update with Corey Schroeder

Feb 12th, 2021 | Pastor Mueller


Capital Campaign Chairman Corey Schroeder gives an update on the progress and future path of the campaign.

Gym/Play Area Discussion with Mr. Marohn

Gym/Play Area Discussion with Mr. Marohn

Feb 5th, 2021 | Pastor Mueller


In this video for the capital campaign, Mr. Marohn addresses the lead up to the idea of the expansion project including the play area.

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